Create API users without having info added to the end of the user name

We could previously create an API user with a name of our choosing.  When we try to do the same now, there is information (an underscore along with what look like random characters) added to the end of the API User Name.

We were told this is to ensure all API User Names are unique across all AssureSign customers.  Since the API User Names are associated with an account, an environment, or specific user already, ensuring they're unique across all AssureSign customers doesn't seem to benefit us at all.  We do name the API users intentionally so it is easier for our developers to tell at a glance which user was created for what  purpose.  Having random characters added to the end just adds confusion, as no one will have any idea what those characters are or why they're here.

Please give us a way to control the names of our API users.  If you need some method to make them unique across  users, add another field for AssureSign use to achieve this.


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