I was sent an invitation to sign and I have questions

Last updated 2020-01-28 13:55:01 UTC

If you are just wondering how the signing process will occur, open the signing link and follow the instructions.  You will be required to accept the terms presented to you to sign electronically.  No special software or hardware is required to sign documents electronically.  AssureSign has done all the hard work.

AssureSign is not able to answer questions about the content of documents sent to you to sign.

If you received an invitation to sign a document through AssureSign and you have questions about it, you may contact the company or person that sent you the document through the signing page.
Open the signing link and expand the menu in the lower left corner to access "Questions or Feedback?" Information you enter will be delivered to the company or person that sent you the document.

Some companies also configure their signing invitation emails so that you can hit reply and communicate to them directly.



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