In Person Signing

Last updated 2021-04-30 19:08:26 UTC

In person signing is a feature you make available by turning on these settings:

You may elect to use this feature only on Simple Setup templates by setting "In Person Signing in Simple Setup" to Yes.   When this is enabled, you will see a new option when selecting to edit the envelope in the template designer:


After submitting the envelope, you will be presented with the option to "Sign in Person"


If you have also enabled "In Person Signing in Simple Setup Ad Hoc Envelopes" then you will also be able to select "SIGN IN PERSON" after sending an ad hoc Simple Setup envelope (an "Ad Hoc" envelope is submitted without the use of a Simple Setup template).

When clicking "SIGN IN PERSON", a link for each signer who may sign immediately will be presented on the screen.  


Select the signer who is present to have them complete signing.  The link will open in a new browser tab, so that if multiple signers are present the links will remain available on the original screen.

It is possible to mix in person signing with signing performed remotely.  For example, in a scenario where an in person signer should sign first, and then a second signer should be sent an email invitation, you may construct the workflow so that the first signer is not sent an invitation to sign while the other signer receives an email or SMS invitation.

It is not possible to present in person signing links to a signer who is not configured to sign immediately after the envelope has been submitted.

You could also use 2-factor authentication for signers being presented with an in person signing link.  Adding the 2-factor authentication step requires the signer enter a code that was sent to them via SMS.  Since the signer's web session will show they are signing from the same IP address from which the envelope was submitted, this adds an additional layer of security to confirm that the correct signer visited the link.