I was sent a text message from AssureSign. What is it for?

Last updated 2020-01-28 13:54:49 UTC

AssureSign may send SMS messages to signers of documents that have agreed to receive the web link via text message.

AssureSign is an electronic signature provider that provides a platform for obtaining electronic signatures to apply to documents.  AssureSign services are used worldwide and are trusted by a wide variety of customers and industries.

AssureSign's customers that use our SMS services for sending out notifications to their signers are required to obtain their consent to send text messages.  To confirm that a signer has given consent, AssureSign will first send the signer a text message asking for the signer to confirm she has consented to receive text messages.

The opt-in response applies to the particular transaction the signer is being requested to participate in.  AssureSign does not use the phone numbers of signers to send any marketing messages.

Recipients may decline to continue receiving AssureSign SMS messages for the signing transaction by replying NO, STOP, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, or QUIT.   To opt-in, the signer may reply with YES.  In some cases, a company may have submitted an incorrect phone number to AssureSign.  Simply opting out will cause messages for the current transaction to be discontinued.

If you feel you have received an SMS message in error or without your consent, please contact  Please provide your phone number, your name, the text of the message sent to you, and any additional information regarding the message you were sent in order to expedite our response.


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