AssureSign Version 6.13 Release

Last updated 2018-08-30 19:36:27 UTC

AssureSign sites will be updated to our version 6.13 software release:

Version 6.13 introduces a new RESTful (V3.x) API method allowing users to generate unique signing links for signers.  This method is useful in scenarios such as immediate presentment where a signer is taken from a page in a customer site directly to AssureSign for signing as part of an inline process.  This method - along with the new submission methods previously released in 6.12 - will be joined in our next release by additional operations that can be used to manage envelopes after they have been submitted.  

In addition to the RESTful API changes described above, behind the scenes this release will focus heavily on back-end preparations for some of the exciting new functionality we'll be introducing in Simple Setup over the coming months such as support for advanced signing workflow and custom email/SMS/DocumentTRAK notifications.

This release also includes a number of bug fixes and optimizations designed to improve usability, platform stability, and performance.