New AssureSign Features

Last updated 2018-10-31 12:56:07 UTC

We are excited to announce a variety of new tools and features that we will be releasing over the next few weeks and months.

REST Endpoint Documentation

With our version 6.12 release we will be exposing new API documentation pages for our RESTful service endpoints. This will be built using Swagger tools, which will allow us to expose the APIs so may be tested directly from the documentation pages. You will be able to view the documented endpoints and the object models for the APIs, and after signing in to AssureSign you will be able to test your authenticated calls on your accounts from the site.

We will be providing links to this new documentation from this support portal in the next few weeks. Some of the important methods being introduced include fully automated envelope submission and post-submit operations. More methods will be exposed in the coming months, including full account, user, and template management APIs.

API Users

For an improved authentication experience working with our RESTful API methods, we have introduced the concept of API users. API users can already be created from the account management pages after signing in at, and may be scoped to allow you to call methods on behalf of specific users, environments (example, your production vs your sandbox accounts), or across your entire organization subscription. To use API users to authenticate your API calls, you simply perform a post with the API users credentials, and the user context in which to operate, to a new API endpoint.

A preview of the in-testing Swagger documentation for this endpoint is shown below.

More documentation will be coming on how to make use of API users.

Simple Setup Workflow Control

Many new features are being added into the Simple Setup template designer. Coming soon is full management of workflow, including the ability to create complex signing steps and to control the emails and DocumentTRAK notifications sent from Simple Setup templates. Up to now, full control of the document workflow could only be performed using classic templates. Keep an eye out for new documentation and demonstrations on using these new tools.