Upcoming changes to our site navigation menu

Last updated 2018-08-10 13:34:39 UTC

The menu system for our customer site will be receiving some changes in late July, 2018.  Users of our Simple Setup tool are already familiar with the newer site navigation menu there.  This same menu system -- with some additional enhancements -- is coming to the rest of the site with our 6.10 release.


Replacing the navigation tabs, the tri-bar icon (sometimes called the "hamburger" icon) in the upper right corner now contains links to the various pages on the site.


If your users are configured to operate in the context of different accounts, they will pick the account to operate in from the updated account selection control.


The account you are operating in will be marked with a checkmark, and your home account is labeled "(default)".  Just as the system works today, when you change the account you are operating in the account name display will change to show that.


For users that use the print functions from within document and envelope detail reports, the print button will now appear in the upper right corner of the report page beneath the header.