Execute a Word Template and initiate a submission

Last updated 2018-04-18 20:53:01 UTC

Dynamics 365 supports the creation of Word templates that can be used in conjunction with the AssureSign solution to submit a dynamically created document for signature.

The steps for perfoming this are:

  • Design a Word template that will merge in entity data in the final produced document.  Refer to Microsoft's documentation for populating CRM data within a Word template
  • If the signature locations might change because the document's content may increase or decrease, you may embed Dynamic text JotBlocks in the document.  These sections are added as plain text, and when they move in the final version of the document the signature areas will be created where they are found.
  • Create a process with a "SetWordTemplate" action.  Select the word template you designed in the step properties.  When the template is executed, and a target is set, the produced word document will be saved as a note on the record.  You can wire up this process to run when some field has changed or when some other event has occurred on the target entity.

  • Create a process that runs when a note is created that contains a document, as described here.


The end result is:

  1. A word document will be saved with your merged data from the CRM entity record as a note 
  2. The note will be picked up by a second process that sends the document to AssureSign for processing.