Defining Multiple Choice JotBlocks by Embedded Text

Last updated 2018-03-26 21:06:03 UTC


Following are some examples of specifying complex multiple choice JotBlocks; these examples are not exhaustive.

The following renders a 1 when the first item is selected, and the text "Selection 2" when the second item is selected.

{{!##{Name:"dropdown",InputType:"Signatory",FieldType:"Typed",SignatoryInputType:"MultipleChoiceGraphic",Border:"All",Height:"0.05",Width:"0.25",SignatoryEmailParameterName:"Signatory 1 Email Address",TypedFieldOptions:[{Text:"Selection 1",TextValue:"1",GraphicRenderType:"Value"},{Text:"Selection 2",TextValue:"2",GraphicRenderType:"Text"}]}##!}}

Valid enumerations for GraphicRenderType are:

  • None - will render nothing
  • Empty - will render an empty square box
  • Check - will render a check mark graphic in a box
  • X - will render an X graphic in a box
  • NoBoxEmpty
  • NoBoxCheck - will render a check mark graphic
  • NoBoxX - will render an X graphic
  • Text - will render the Text for the selected item
  • Value - will render the TextValue for the selected item