Import a Test Template for Dynamics 365

Last updated 2018-03-02 11:09:53 UTC

If you would like to try out creating a new AssureSign Document from within Dynamics 365 on a prebuilt template, you can import a sample template into your AssureSign account.


Download a sample template design file here.

Sign into your account at, and click on the Classic Templates tab.

Select "Import Template from a Template Export File", select the file you just downloaded, and proceed through the import steps.  You do not need to edit the template, but it will open in the designer for you to see what the template contains.

In your Dynamics 365 instance, ensure that you have an AssureSign Configuration record created that points to your AssureSign account.  Certain trial instances will pre-configure an AssureSign Configuration record for you.

The sample template you installed contains data map tags on certain elements that pull in data from a Contact record in CRM when you launch the document from a contact.  Open a contact record, and expand the Common relationships to find the "AssureSign Documents" entity.

Select to open a new AssureSign Document record.  If your AssureSign Configuration record has been properly created, your new imported template should be shown in the list of templates you can use.  When you add your own templates, they will appear here later as well.

Walk through the wizard to set up your document, there is no reason to upload a new document for this test.  The document in the template will be used for your test.  At the end, save the AsureSign Document record to submit it to AssureSign.

The DocumentTRAK web hook to communicate updates back to your Dynamics CRM instance has not yet been created, but you can update the record manually via the refresh button on the document form.


For more information, refer to this guide for working with the solution.