Performing a bulk send operation from CRM

Last updated 2018-10-09 13:10:03 UTC

Sending AssureSign Envelopes or Documents in bulk can be accomplished using built in Dynamics CRM features for executing a process on multiple records. You will need to create a workflow that sends a document using a Template Map design or a workflow that submits an Envelope using multiple Template Map designs.

Workflows are designed to be run on specific entity types. Assuming you have a workflow process ready to be executed on multiple records of a specific type, you may perform the following

Trigger a workflow from a field update

If your process is triggered from a field update, you could update the field on multiple records using the Export\Import process:

  1. Query the records needed to be updated
  2. Select "Export to Excel", and "Static Worksheet"
  3. in the exported file, add the column representing the field that needs to be updated to trigger the process
  4. update the field on each record that should have the workflow run to the value required to trigger the process
  5. in CRM, select Import Data, and select the modified Excel file
  6. ensure the added column is properly mapped to the field that triggers the workflow
  7. complete the import process

Trigger a workflow from a view of data

If your process is configured to allow it to be run "As an on-demand process", then you may select it to be executed on a selection of records you make.

For example, from a view of entities:

  1. select rows on which you want the workflow process to be run.
  2. click on Run Workflow from the additional operations listed for the entity
  3. select the process to run

Viewing Results

When the steps are performed correctly, each record whose data has been updated to trigger the workflow will have the process execute individually. Import processes are queued operations, so processing may not occur immediately. If "Workflow Job Retention" is set to not delete complete jobs on your workflow, you will be able to view each completed operation from "Process Sessions" view of the process.