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Last updated 2017-03-29 13:18:46 UTC

The following SMS DocumentTRAK web hook is deprecated with the release of our built in SMS notifications feature being released with our version 5.45 release.  Existing implementations will continue to work, but this is no longer needed for any new document or envelope template design.


This will walk through setting up a DocumentTRAK™ Web Notification to send your signatories text messages with links to sign a document or view a final document.

SMS notifications are billable.  Before beginning, you will need to contact AssureSign to enable your account for SMS Web Notifications.  

This feature is a first-generation version implemented to allow you to add this behavior without large changes in your template designs.  Future plans for this feature include adding text messages as first-class notifications you can configure side-by-side with email without the need for the following technical steps.

Creating the Notification

While logged into your AssureSign account, go to the Notifications\DocumentTRAK editor on the Administration tab. Create a new Web Notification.

Give your notification a unique Design Name, and set the "Service Endpoint (URL)" to:

[the assuresign root URL]/api/custom/smsproxy

Modify the bracketed section of the address to be the root URL of the AssureSign instance you log into. For a sandbox account, the complete service address will be:

The other settings should be configured as follows:

  • Enable Basic HTTP Authentication? No
  • Design Used for Authentication? None
  • Is this a SOAP-based service? No

When this step is complete, click "Next" twice and we'll configure the XML request body.

Paste the following XML into the text area to get started.

  <Signer>[Signatory 1 Email Address]</Signer>
  <PhoneNumber>[Phone Number]</PhoneNumber>
  <Company>[Company Name]</Company>
  <EnvelopeId>[Envelope ID]</EnvelopeId>
  <EnvelopeAuthToken>[Envelope AuthToken]</EnvelopeAuthToken>
  <DocumentId>[Document ID]</DocumentId>
  <DocumentAuthToken>[Document AuthToken]</DocumentAuthToken>
  <Link>[SMS Link - Document Signing]</Link>

For Signer, PhoneNumber, and Company, you can either input an exact value or use a Jotblock parameter that can be configured when you set up your document template and filled in when creating a document that uses the template. For more information on setting up JotBlock parameters, see this.

If you intend to replace sending an email to a signer with an SMS communication, it would be possible to alter the parameter used to receive a signer's email address in order to have a mobile phone number passed in instead.  In this case, you should remove any email notifications to the signer from the template's workflow design to ensure failures do not occur attempting to send an email communication to a phone number. Then, ensure the <Signer> and <PhoneNumber> elements are filled with the same parameter name.

Note that PhoneNumber will be parsed to be in international format when used, that is E. 164.  For US and Canada numbers, this merely requires prepending a 1 (adding a + is not necessary).  Example: 14075556789

We will prepend a 1 automatically to values submitted as a valid phone number string in the form of 9 digits.

For "Link", you have two options:

  1. [SMS Link - Document Signing] : when the document is ready to be signed
  2. [SMS Link - Final Document] : link to the final document

Once the body is configured, click "Next". On the "Response Validation Method" step, choose "Accept any non-error response" and click "Next" and then "Finish".

Now the SMS DocumentTRAK™ Web Notification is ready to be used in a Template. Visit the DocumentTrak™ section to learn how to add a webhook to your document signing workflow.

When you use the SMS Web Notification on a document, you'll see on your "Document Details" page, in the "Document History", there will be logs prefixed with "SMS Proxy" that will have information including messages sent and any errors that occur.

What Will Be Sent

When the <Link> value is [SMS Link - Document Signing], the recipient will be sent the signing link with the message:

Document to sign from [Company Name]: [the link to sign].  Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

The STOP is necessary to ensure we are not sending unsolicited messages.

When the <Link> value is [SMS Link - Final Document], the recipient will be sent the download link with the message:

Signed document from [Company Name: [the download link].  Reply STOP to unsubscribe.



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