Configuring External Signature Device Support

Last updated 2018-10-09 13:09:50 UTC

Enabling external signature device support for AssureSign signing requires configuration of both the AssureSign account and the LocalSign windows application.

AssureSign Account Configuration

By default, external signature device support may not be enabled for your AssureSign account, so it may be necessary to contact your AssureSign support representative in order to enable this feature.

Once we have enabled LocalSign for you, a new option will be available for you to configure on individual templates and/or documents. By default the new option to enable signature device support will be off for templates and documents. This option will need to be turned on for any documents or templates that you plan on using in conjunction with a signature device for signing.

  • When setting up a new template, the Enable Signature Device Support option can be found under the Advanced Options section of the template setup page.
  • When modifying an existing template, the Enable Signature Device Support option can be found under the Advanced Options section of the template editing form.
  • When setting up a new document, the Enable Signature Device Support option will be available at the bottom of the document setup form.
  • For documents that are dynamically created using the DocumentNOW API, an additional (optional) attribute (SignatureDeviceSupportEnabled) is available that can be used to control this functionality.

LocalSign Configuration

In order to begin using LocalSign for AssureSign, you will need to configure the LocalSign application to ensure that it is able to communicate with your AssureSign site and that the correct signature device plugin has been selected.

To access the configuration options in LocalSign: from the main menu navigate to Options >> Configuration and configure the signature device plugin so it can be used by LocalSign. By default AssureSign provides plugins for working with Wacom STU signature pad devices and Topaz signature pad devices. Please select the correct plugin that corresponds to the type of signature device you will have attached to your computer for signing purposes. When selecting Topaz, you will also need to select a supported model. Topaz devices also will require admin privileges to save their configuration, since it stores its ini file in the windows directory.

Using LocalSign

The LocalSign application must be running while signing a document in order for your signature to be applied to the document displayed in the AssureSign signing page.

Ensure that the green check mark is displayed next to "LocalSign Service" and "Signature Device and Plugin Connectivity".  If the green check mark is not displayed, a message should be shown that will tell you what might not be working.

You can select the link "Check Browser Connectivity" to ensure our signing pages will be able to receive your signature input.  An AssureSign page will be loaded which will attempt to communicate to the running LocalSign application.  If anything is not working, a message will be displayed that will help you determine what may need to be corrected on your computer to make the device work.

When signing a document that has been configured to allow signing from a signature pad, you will be able to select the type of input device to use.  Select the signature pad icon within the signing frame to start signing with the pad.



See here for information on resolving issues with devices.