Apply a Signature to Multiple Locations (Classic Interface)

Last updated 2019-11-05 15:12:14 UTC

AssureSign allows for the application of a signature to multiple locations, either for a document created by a Template or via a one-off document submission.

In order to indicate that JotBlock input may be re-used, type in a "Source Group" for the JotBlock in the settings window (this may be any text label you would like that helps you identify the group). Then, where other JotBlocks should share the input entered in the original JotBlock, select the "Source Group" label created on the first JotBlock.

In this way, it is possible to create multiple source groups, allowing for scenarios where a user may write a full signature shared to many locations, write initials shared in multiple locations, or write text input shared to many locations.

This mechanism does not allow for a saved signature to be applied to areas that have not been reviewed and to which the signatory has not approved the application. The signatory must still manually apply the saved signature.

SourceGroup is also supported on dynamically created JotBlocks.