Manual Template and Document Creation

Last updated 2016-08-11 15:08:18 UTC

Lock this Template?

“Locking” templates helps ensure business rules are not bypassed when templates are used to initiate signing. This setting may not be needed if your users only create documents in a managed way, such as via DocumentNOW integration. If your AssureSign users may initiate documents via the “Documents” tab and will be re-using templates, then we recommend you set “Lock this Template?” to “Yes” when creating templates. Selecting “Yes” will not prohibit you from making changes as needed in the future; this setting will prohibit users from bypassing the business roles you would like to enforce.

You have created a template that requires the signatory to enter their birthdate and then sign with a biometric signature. A salesperson on your staff complies with a sales prospect who states they are not willing to provide their birthdate by modifying the document (which is based on an AssureSign template) to remove the requirement for filling in the birthday. This is allowed because the template is not locked. When the document is reviewed internally, it is marked as non-compliant by an auditor because the signer did not enter their birthdate. Had the template been locked, the document could not have been completed with missing information.

Allow Immediate Presentment?

Review the documentation on the account setting “Allow Immediate Presentment on Document Templates?” for an explanation of “Immediate Presentment”. This setting need not be a concern if there is no automated process that launches documents via the DocumentNOW methods. If a certain document should always be emailed to a signer, for example, then the integration methods will not allow access to certain DocumentNOW methods on a document with “Allow Immediate Presentment” set to “No”.

Completed Document Passwords

This may be specified when creating a document (not a template) and the account setting “Require Passwords for Access to Completed Documents” is “No”, and this must be specified when the setting is “Yes”.