Creation of Subaccounts

Last updated 2016-08-11 14:58:15 UTC

Your organization was provided with an AssureSign account, consisting of users who are members of any number of roles. You also have the ability to create your own accounts. Since these accounts are for organizational – as opposed to billing – purposes, and are merely a way for you to organize your own account, we will call them subaccounts for purposes of this guide. Subaccounts are an ideal mechanism to mirror your organizational structure. They provide a convenient way to isolate access to AssureSign documents according to business needs.

Important: Even in small businesses: organizations ensure the confidentiality of their own employees’ personnel files by creating processes and rules so they are not made available to those who do not – and legally should not – have access to them. Additionally, only certain employees have access to financial information, contracts, and clients’ personal data.

Creating your own subaccounts is fairly intuitive. We recommend you mirror your organization’s structure in the design of your subaccounts. As an administrator, you may still administer the settings of each subaccount, and you may also ensure business standards are followed by locking down what a subaccount’s administrator may alter. Consider the following example:

Your organization requires the use of AssureSign for non-disclosure agreements initiated by technical staff in discussions with vendor partners. Your sales staff completes contracts with clients, whose terms should be accessible to the accounting staff. One possible configuration is to create a subaccount for technical staff requiring the ability to initiate non-disclosure agreements, and create a subaccount for the sales staff. Sales could be further organized into business line subaccounts should this be required. Within each department, certain supervisory users could be granted administrative access to their employee’s documents, while other staff could be configured to only see their own documents (also simplifying their view of the AssureSign user interface). But how should the accounting staff’s access be granted? Does the accounting department initiate AssureSign documents? If not, they could merely be added as a CC on document completion notifications from the sales department’s AssureSign document templates. Or, certain members of the accounting department could be granted read-only user access to the sales subaccount, accomplished with a number of user settings such as:

  • “Document setup” rights – set to “Deny”
  • “Document details report” rights – set to “Allow”
  • “Document search report - account documents” rights – set to “Allow”

Other rights pertaining to account and document management could then be disabled for these staff members.