Standard Knowledge Based Authentication Classic Template Parameters (Classic Interface)

Last updated 2019-11-05 15:12:14 UTC

The following information is for use with classic AssureSign Document templates.

Standard template parameters that will be requested when needed for generating Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) questions on classic AssureSign Document templates are:


  • Signatory [N] First Name
  • Signatory [N] Last Name
  • Signatory [N] Address
  • Signatory [N] City
  • Signatory [N] State
  • Signatory [N] Zip


Passing additional information about the signer improves the likelihood of finding the correct subject match. Additional data may be passed via the following parameters:

  • Signatory [N] Ssn (Note that this can be a full social security number in NNN-NN-NNNN format or the last four digits of a social security number in NNNN format)
  • Signatory [N] DOB Month
  • Signatory [N] DOB Day
  • Signatory [N] DOB Year

The parameter names may be customized on a per template and per signer basis. However, the general format of auto built KBA template parameters will follow this form, where [N] is the number of the signatory assigned in template workflow design.

Note: You have the option of allowing the signer to enter this initial information, in whole or in part. Refer to the KBA settings regarding the options you have in configuring this behavior.

When KBA is configured for a signatory, then a call to ListParameters on the template will list the above KBA related template parameters along with any other parameters.

Dynamic Addition of KBA

When KBA is enabled on your account, it is possible to dynamically indicate that KBA should performed for a signatory when the template has not been pre-configured to require it. For each signatory for whom KBA should be performed, a parameter may be passed with a true value:

  • Signatory [N] KBA Enabled

As with the above listed parameters, [N] should be replaced with the number of signatory assigned in template workflow design. When enabled on a signatory, then the above parameters (required and optional) should be passed as if they were predefined on the template.

Allowing Signers to Enter the Parameter Information

If you are allowing signatories to enter missing KBA-required data, then when KBA is added as a requirement to a signatory you still must set the specific parameter(s) created for KBA that you would like the signatory to be able to provide to not be required. By default, when initially added in a template, address elements will be set to be required, and SSN and Birthday elements will be set to not be required.

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