DocumentNOW v1-v2

Last updated 2021-03-11 21:49:34 UTC

The Version 1 (V1) and Version 2 (V2) DocumentNOW® interfaces are a bundle of services made available as web service methods utilizing SOAP and or http POST operations. WSDL and URLs are exposed from within the installation, as well as examples of utilizing the various methods.


  • V1 methods are deprecated, and any new integrations ought to start with V3 and V2 methods.
  • V2 methods work with Classic document and envelope templates.  When signed into your account in AssureSign, access these templates from the "Classic Templates" menu option.
  • Version 3 (V3) methods support REST methodologies and work with our Simple Setup templates. When signed into your account in AssureSign, access these templates from the "Documents" menu selection, or from the "Send Document (Simple Setup)" button on the home page.

Access to an enterprise-enabled installation of AssureSign will be required to begin using the DocumentNOW interfaces. DocumentNOW interfaces allow access to functionality needed to launch document instances of AssureSign Templates created from within the AssureSign administrative application.

For any given AssureSign instance, the DocumentNOW service endpoint will be at
https://[AssureSign instance]/Services/DocumentNOW/v2/DocumentNOW.svc

The combined WSDL for all available objects and methods may be accessed from any AssureSign instance at
https://[AssureSign instance]/api/documentnow/v2/wsdl

Logged into your AssureSign account, you may also access WSDL and per-method information by going to Help/DocumentNOW Integration Help

For most operations, you will need to obtain the following information from the AssureSign administration site:

  • The Template ID of the template you would like to use. This is accessible after creating a template by viewing the template in edit mode from the Existing link on the Classic Templates tab. You may also access the Template ID by generating sample XML for an operation on a selected template on the DocumentNOW Integration Help page (click "Help" to be taken to the available links for your account)
  • The AssureSign account ContextIdentifier. This is exposed in the AssureSign administrative application account settings and serves to provide security to the transaction. The ContextIdentifier is in the form of a global unique identifier (GUID).
  • For Submit operations, the UserName of the AssureSign user. This will be in the form of a valid email address configured as a user within the AssureSign site.
  • It is important that you ensure you are communicating to the correct environment. Refer to our Environment Information to double check supported environments. A common exception message that developers will see if communicating to an environment different than the one their credentials belong to is "Provided credentials could not be authenticated.". For example, although a code example may indicate as the site to which to send communications, you must send alter your communications to call methods at the site where your AssureSign account is located.

DocumentNOW methods used for submitting documents include:

Document Envelope methods include:

Document Management

Document Signing and Access:

Template Management:


Account Management

User Management