Envelope Templates (Classic Interface)

Last updated 2019-11-05 15:12:14 UTC

Envelope templates provide a way for you to configure notifications for use with document envelopes created via DocumentNOW. Once created, you can customize the following for various stages of the envelope lifecycle:

In addition, you can configure document transmission to occur when the envelope is completed. 

Create a new Envelope Template by clicking on the New icon, and entering the basic elements necessary

  • provide a unique name for the envelope template design
  • select an email design set
  • select who has access to the envelope template via the accessibility selection
  • provide a description of the envelope template
  • add a tag, which may be used for any purpose

Note: Both the description and tag are included in the return values when a DocumentNOW ListEnvelopeTemplates call is made. These items may be useful for building a dynamic user interface for selecting envelope templates and may be used for any purpose you see fit.

After saving the envelope template, select Edit > Edit Notifications to modify email notificationsDocumentTRAK web notifications, and SMS messages.  Document Transmissions may also be added on the Envelope Complete step.

Email and SMS Messages in Envelopes

To send an email to signers that includes an invitation to sign, add an email to the "Envelope Started" step, and select a message that includes signing links. 

To send the default SMS message that includes an invitation to sign to a signer, add an "Envelope Started" SMS message.

The Envelope Started, Envelope Completed, and Expiration Warning events are typical events where a signer should be notified.

Emails and SMS messages may be sent at the envelope level OR the document level.  Sending at the envelope level permits you to send a single message to a signer that provides them access to all their documents.  

However, there may be cases where you want or need to send messages at the document level even when there are multiple documents in the envelope.  For example, a signer may need to sign in different steps (or not at the beginnnig of an envelope), in which case they should not receive an invitation to sign until after some document step concludes.

Note that the merge field [Link - Document Signing] will render both envelope signing links and document signing links.  However, if a signer is sent a document signing link on the workflow of the first document in a multiple document envelope (instead of on the Envelope Started event on the envelope), that link will allow them to access all their documents at once as long as the envelope is submitted with WorkflowType of Parallel. 

DocumentTRAK Notifications 

DocumentTRAK notifications on envelopes work like the notifications on documents.

Important: Document Transmission notifications on an envelope are executed once for each document contained in an envelope.  

For example, design a DocumentTRAK document transmission design that will pass a document by using the [Completed Document] merge field, and add that design as a Document Transmission handler on the Envelope Completed event of your envelope template.  If you create an instance of the envelope template that contains 4 documents, on the envelope completed event the DocumentTRAK will be called 4 times, each time it runs it will pass one of the completed documents.