Signer Attachments

Last updated 2021-04-30 19:08:26 UTC

Signer attachments are a feature that allows signers to upload their own documents and images to be attached to the final completed document. For example, a signer can use their cell phone to take a picture of their ID if a document requires photo ID, or a signer can upload a digital copy of their utility bill to provide proof of residence.


Signer attachments can be created either in a template or a document. They can also be created dynamically when using the API or embedded into text tags in the document.

To create a signer attachment in a template or in classic document setup, first create all of your normal JotBlocks and define all of your signatories. When you are at the JotBlock assignment step in the workflow setup, a section appears for each signatory to create signer attachments. Once all of your signer attachments have been created, you must assign them to a signing step along with your other JotBlocks.


In the new Simple Setup envelope, you specify attachments to be uploaded by a signer after adding the signer.  See this for more information.



The following configuration options are available.

Label Gives the signer attachment a name. This label is displayed to the signer. An example might be "Proof of Residence".
Instructions Additional detailed instructions to provide for the signer. For example, "Please upload two different utility bills."
Required Forces a signer to upload an attachment in order to complete the document.
Allow Multiple A signer attachment can either accept a single uploaded file or multiple uploaded files. A good example of a single upload would be a photo ID. It's recommended that if an attachment could conceivably be split into multiple files that you allow multiple uploads. For example, a signer may have a two page document as two separate image files.


Signer attachments can not be designed when creating workflow-only templates. A template must have JotBlocks in order to add signer attachments during template design. (Like JotBlocks, though, attachments may be added dynamically during the submit process while referencing either a workflow-only template or a full template).

Signer attachments must be visual in nature since they are merged into the completed PDF document. For example, a signer can not upload an audio file or video file. Signers can upload the following types of files:

  • PDFs
  • Images such as TIFFs or JPGs