Classic Document Templates (Classic Interface)

Last updated 2019-11-05 15:12:14 UTC

The Templates tab is now labelled "Classic Templates", to differentiate these templates from our Simple Setup templates.

An AssureSign Template is a re-usable plan for signing sessions. It is possible to create a template, and then in the future launch a document based on that template from within the AssureSign portal on the Documents tab. Using a template in this way, you may choose later to:

  • re-use the document saved with the template as the presented document for signing
  • use your own document that may be based on the layout of the template's underlying document and just use the template to provide the signing locations and signing workflow

Aside from the manual process of using a template through the Documents tab, it is possible and often more ideal to submit documents based on templates using the DocumentNOW API interfaces.

Starting a new template


Start From Scratch

  • Determine if this is a Workflow only template. A Workflow only template may only be used from DocumentNOW API interfaces and is always submitted with dynamically created JotBlocks
  • Select the document you wish to use to create the template, a PDF or Word document
  • Enter a template name that accurately identifies it
  • Enter a description that denotes the purpose of the template
  • Select from the drop down arrow who will have access to the document:
    • User: just you
    • Role: anyone sharing your role within your account
    • Account: anyone in this account
    • Account and Child Accounts: all in this account and subaccounts
  • Select a Language if supported in your Account
  • Select an Email Design Set
  • Click yes or no to define the Workflow Template (recommended to default to yes)
  • Click yes or no to lock this template (yes is recommended so the template's settings can not be modified when used through the Documents tab
  • Advanced Options
    • Allow Immediate Presentment: specifies whether or not you allow document signers to be redirected from outside AssureSign into signing sessions
    • Enable Signature Device Support: specifies whether or not to allow Written JotBlocks to be signed using an external signature device such as a signing pad
    • Template Tag: an optionaltag for a template which may be useful when performing API operations such as ListTemplates
    • Certain additional attributes may be available depending on your account settings
  • Click Next to launch the document in template design mode to create the JotBlocks
  • After designing the signing interface continue into template workflow design


Copy Template and Preserve Original Document

  • Click on "Select Template" and choose the template you will be copying
  • Select the checkbox "Copy template to different account" only if you want to change the owner account
  • Populate all other attributes as you would when creating a new template from scratch


Copy Template and Upload New Document

  • Select a file using the "Choose File" button that will replace the underlying document in the copied template
  • Click on "Select Template" and choose the template you will be copying
  • Select the checkbox "Copy template to different account" only if you want to change the owner account
  • Populate all other attributes as you would when creating a new template from scratch


Import Template from a Template Export File

Modifying an Existing Template

  • Click on Existing and locate the template you want to edit; if the template is not in view, click on the left & right arrows to advance to the next or previous page

Note: You can click on any column header such as template name or owner to sort by ascending or descending order to find the template you want to use

  • It is possible to delete the template, or to modify
    • the Template Name
    • the Language
    • the Email Design Set: if modifying this, it is good practice to afterward select "Edit Workflow" to ensure that all emails are still mapped appropriately
    • the Accessibility, or who may use the template
    • the Locked status, which is relevant for when the template is used to manually launch a document from the Documents tab
  • Rather than deleting a template, you may also set the "Archive" flag, which will make the template unavailable to be selected through our user interface or via the ListTemplates API method
  • If the template is not a workflow only template, you may click "Edit JotBlocks" to enter template design mode
  • Click edit workflow to make changes to the signing process in template workflow design
  • You may delete the workflow
  • You may edit the advanced options that were initially set on template creation

Important: You must click "Show Advanced Options" to see the template's ID to be used with DocumentNOW methods

  • Click on export to convert your template to an export file with the extension .adt (AssureSign Document Template) to share your template with other users or accounts. The template will remain in place in your account, and a copy of it may be imported elsewhere using the import tool.

Using Templates in AssureSign Solutions

Templates may be used by directly calling DocumentNOW APIs.  Templates are also used with the various AssureSign solutions we provide.  For specific information about using templates in specific AssureSign solutions, refer to the solution documentation: