Uploading a Microsoft Word Document for Signing

Last updated 2021-04-30 19:08:26 UTC

AssureSign can recognize and use Microsoft Word documents (doc, docx) for creating new Templates and new Documents. All Microsoft Word documents are converted to the PDF format.

Compatibility Issues

Unfortunately, the conversion to PDF does not always produce identical results to what is seen in Word. However, a few tweaks can help with the process.

Page Wrapping and Line Breaks

Often a document needs certain content to show on certain pages. For instance, the terms of a contract on the first page, and the signature on the second page. If the terms of the contract only take up half of the first page, it's possible to "push" content to the second page by pressing "Enter" repeatedly and creating many empty lines. This practice can cause issues with the conversion process. Instead, the document should use Page Breaks to separate the content into multiple pages.

Font Embedding

Documents which use unconventional fonts should always embed those fonts within the document. This allows the conversion process to embed those fonts into the PDF.