Presenting a Signing Page within your Web Application

Last updated 2019-03-27 15:42:53 UTC

The term we use for presenting a signing page without emailing a link is Immediate Presentment.

After submitting a document via the DocumentNOW API the signing links for signatories may be retrieved via a call to GetSigningLinks. Then, you locate the link for the signatory to whom you are presenting the page by using their email address. That is, GetSigningLinks returns SigningLink elements that have a SignatoryEmail attribute.

To redirect the signer to a page you host after signing has been completed, it is possible to specify a RedirectUrl in the call to GetSigningLinks. That URL will be preserved so that the signer is taken to that page after signing has been completed. It is also possible to specify a global Signing Process Redirect page for your account.

You will want to be familiar with data that is passed along in the redirect.

Important: We do not recommend displaying the signing page within an iframe due to rendering issues that will occur on smaller screens.

When using Immediate Presentment, you may want to remove signing invitation emails from the template that would be sent to the signatory that is being presented the signing page. If it is possible for the signer to leave your web application, it would be advisable to maintain reminder emails. It is also always possible to send your own emails where you have obtained the signing link from a call to GetSigningLinks and added the link to your email.