Installing AssureSign for Salesforce

Last updated 2021-04-08 20:29:31 UTC

This information is for the legacy Salesforce solution using classic AssureSign document templates.  For all new installations, the new AssureSign for Salesforce Lightning solution should be installed: see this documentation.

Getting Started

Important: The Enable Static Document URLs account setting in AssureSign will need to be turned on for your account in order for the document links in the Salesforce plugin to function correctly. Note that this setting is turned off by default for new accounts unless it is known that Salesforce integration will be used. Please contact support if you encounter the following error when clicking on a document link in the Salesforce plugin:

The document you are attempting to access is configured to only allow access via
system-generated links as static document URL support is disabled.  Please 
contact AssureSign support for more information.

The AssureSign for Salesforce tool allows you to send documents directly from within the Salesforce environment using AssureSign Templates that you create within the AssureSign environment. Additionally, AssureSign workflow events may be configured to trigger communications via DocumentTRAK™ Web Notifications or Document Transmissions to Salesforce.

For a review of working with AssureSign Templates, refer to this article. While many of the details of communicating back to Salesforce via DocumentTRAK are pre-configured for you, refer to the current version of the DocumentTRAK documentation available when logged in to the AssureSign environment.

Installing AssureSign for Salesforce

If a previous installation of the AssureSign tool exists, special care should be exercised to ensure you preserve all stored data regarding AssureSign documents. Please read the section titled Upgrading Existing Salesforce Installations in order to understand the proper sequence to follow.

New Installation

After the AssureSign for Salesforce package is successfully installed on your Salesforce environment a few steps have to be completed in order to correctly integrate your AssureSign account with your organization‟s Salesforce environment. These steps include:

Upgrading Existing Salesforce Installations

If you have a previous version of AssureSign for Salesforce installed in your account, you may be prompted to upgrade your existing installation. You do not need to uninstall the old version, as uninstalling will erase associated data from your Salesforce organization. Salesforce offers documentation on processes to import data back into your organization if you are installing a new version of a package, but this method is not recommended. Simply upgrading your AssureSign for Salesforce package will be sufficient and should maintain all existing data.

Upgrading Custom Visualforce Pages

When multiple versions of AssureSign for Salesforce are installed and the tool has been configured to be displayed on any custom Visualforce pages, you must update the Version Settings to point to the latest version of the AssureSign tool. To do this, follow these steps:

  • In your Salesforce environment navigate to Setup >> App Setup >> Develop >> Pages
  • Click Edit next to the custom Visualforce page you wish to change
  • Click the Version Settings tab and use the Version dropdown box listed on the AssureSign package to change the version as shown below. Select the highest installed version.