TypedOptionInfo Element

Last updated 2018-03-26 20:38:13 UTC

TypedOptionInfo elements may contain the following attributes:

  • FieldRegion – for 'MultipleChoiceRadio' and 'MultipleChoiceCheckbox' JotBlocks, an additional FieldRegionInfo element element will be associated with the option that provides page, sizing, and positioning data for the option on the document.
  • GraphicRenderType - an enumeration indicating the image that should be rendered to the final document if this option is selected by a signer) of each option that will be presented to the signer for selection. This is required for 'MultipleChoiceGraphic' JotBlocks, optional for 'MultipleChoiceRadio' and 'MultipleChoiceCheckbox' JotBlocks, and not supported for 'MultipleChoiceText' JotBlocks.  Valid enumerations are:
    • None - will render nothing
    • Empty - will render an empty square box
    • Check - will render a check mark graphic in a box
    • X - will render an X graphic in a box
    • NoBoxEmpty
    • NoBoxCheck - will render a check mark graphic
    • NoBoxX - will render an X graphic
    • Text - will render the Text for the selected item
    • Value - will render the TextValue for the selected item
  • Text – the text that will be displayed in the drop-down list for selection by the signer
  • TextValue – the text value that will be sent back in DocumentTRAK notifications when the signer selects this option and the JotBlock is used as a merge field in a notification