TypedOptionInfo Element

Last updated 2016-08-11 12:34:56 UTC

TypedOptionInfo elements may contain the following attributes:

  • FieldRegion – for 'MultipleChoiceRadio' and 'MultipleChoiceCheckbox' JotBlocks, an additional FieldRegionInfo element element will be associated with the option that provides page, sizing, and positioning data for the option on the document.
  • GraphicRenderType - an enumeration indicating the image that should be rendered to the final document if this option is selected by a signer) of each option that will be presented to the signer for selection. This is required for 'MultipleChoiceGraphic' JotBlocks, optional for 'MultipleChoiceRadio' and 'MultipleChoiceCheckbox' JotBlocks, and not supported for 'MultipleChoiceText' JotBlocks.
  • Text – the text that will be displayed in the drop-down list for selection by the signer
  • TextValue – the text value that will be sent back in DocumentTRAK notifications when the signer selects this option and the JotBlock is used as a merge field in a notification
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