Handling Notification Failures

Last updated 2016-08-08 19:37:56 UTC

If a DocumentTRAK web notification is detected as not having been successful (based on the response validation method indicated in the design process), it will be reattempted according to the DocumentTRAK Retry Policy set in your account settings in the Notifications Preferences section. Due to obligations to all our clients’ performance expectations, the AssureSign system may not indefinitely re-attempt communications when failures occur.

You must set the Technical Contact Email Address(es) in your account settings Account Information section in order to receive email alerts when notifications fail. When this has been set, a failure condition, including timeouts, events where your endpoint is offline, and issues detected based on validating your endpoint's response, will result in an email being sent with the subject line DocumentTRAK Web Service Notification Failure. The email will include non-confidential detail information that is available to the software regarding why the communication failed.

We are unable to provide support on why your endpoint may internally be failing when that information is not returned to the DocumentTRAK client. We suggest that endpoints in your control should log errors in order to help you monitor your software.

Manual re-notifications may be initiated through the detail view on a specific document. Any notification may be selected to be sent again by going to the “Signing Process” section, selecting tab on which the notification is configured and selecting “Resend”.

Notifications may also be requested to be resent via the DocumentNOW ResendNotification operation.

Caution: If you turn off the Web Notifications account setting in the Administration tab, then no transmissions will flow through even if they have been assigned to events on specific templates. Also, exercise care when editing or deleting a notification to ensure your actions will not cause effects in your production environment. For safety purposes, deleted notifications will continue to operate where they are assigned to workflow events, but they may not be newly assigned or edited after deletion.

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