Common DocumentNOW Issues

Last updated 2018-08-16 18:32:54 UTC

Common responses on DocumentNOW V2 Submit and SubmitWithFile calls:


Issue: You receive the message "Provided credentials could not be authenticated" in the exception object returned from a DocumentNOW method call

  • Ensure you are providing a user name in the API call and that it is a valid user for the account.
  • Ensure you are sending the API call to the right destination. AssureSign environments are documented here .

Issue: You receive the message "Document template access could not be authenticated."

Templates are restricted to access by setting the Accessibility.
This message means the credentials you are passing (context identifier, username) do not have access to the specified template. These are the items to check:

  • Make sure your API call is accessing the correct environment.
  • Make sure that the user has access to the template. This is most commonly caused by the Accessibility of the template being set to "User" instead of "Account". This can be changed by editing the template.

Issue: You receive the message "The specified template contains workflow only but no JotBlocks were provided in the request or embedded in the document file itself"

This error will occur anytime there is a document submission that does not contain any JotBlocks in the base template or dynamically defined in the XML or embedded in the underlying file. If the underlying file does contain embedded JotBlock definitions, one thing to check will be to make sure that the "ParseDocument" attribute is set to "true" on the "FileDocument" or "FileRetrievalDocument" element. If this attribute is set to "false", AssureSign will not check the underlying file for any JotBlock definitions.

Issue: You receive an error submitting with a document "Error occurred while parsing dynamic document"

Typically this error will occur in cases where there is a mismatch between the filetype attribute specified in the XML and the actual filetype for the document itself (ex. a word document is sent but the fileType is left at the default 'PDF'), etc.

  • You should verify the format of the document you are sending (i.e. PDF, DOC, DOCX).

Issue: You receive an error submitting with a document that contains dynamic JotBlocks "Unable to find a signatory for JotBlock" followed by a JotBlock name

This error will occur if you are assigning a JotBlock by setting an email address or specifying a parameter name that does not exist.  In this case, you must look at how you are assigning the named JotBlock and ensure you are setting the signer to a party you are passing in via parameters.  See this article for more information about assigning Dynamic JotBlocks.

Issue: working with a proxy generated against the DocumentNOW wsdl in a .NET programming language, you receive an error in compilation such as: "An endpoint configuration section for contract 'DocumentNOWService.ISubmitService' could not be loaded because more than one endpoint configuration for that contract was found. Please indicate the preferred endpoint configuration section by name."

The Submit methods in DocumentNOW expose multiple endpoints to accommodate varying client (.NET, PHP, Java, etc.) capabilities related to how data is transferred (basic text vs. mtom). Since there are multiple endpoints defined for the method, .NET requires that you pass the name of the endpoint you would like to use (there should be an overload of the constructor for SubmitServiceClient that accepts a string for endpointConfigurationName). Check the list of endpoints created when the proxy was created in your app config file, select the appopriate endpoint and use that as a string in the constructor of the SubmitServiceClient.