Document Workflow (Classic Interface)

Last updated 2019-11-05 15:12:14 UTC

This article refers to the process of designing workflow in the Classic interface.  If you are using the new interface by selecting Create a new document envelope, see this article for more information.

Defining the workflow for a document is very similar to designing workflow for a template, but it is simplified by the lack of template parameters.

The process involves designating the following:

  • Identifying who will be signing (the signatories)
  • Assigning the JotBlocks you have created to the signatories
  • Dividing the signing into Steps in which signatories will sign the documents
  • Assigning emails for the signatories and document creator to receive during the various stages of the signing process


Identify how many will be signing the document when the template is used. An email address is required. You may optionally be presented with a "Password Prompt" text box, depending on your account configurations, which will allow you to modify the statement presented to the signatory as a prompt to enter the password. Save your signatory, and add others as needed by clicking the New icon.

Fast Mode: If you enter only 1 signatory and you know that no further configuration will be needed you will be presented with the option to Finish setup and email signatory now. Selecting this will assign all JotBlocks to the signatory in a single step using the default emails of the chosen email design set.

Important: with our classic documents, you indicate how each signer should sign signatures and initials JotBlocks by setting their Signer Signature Style in this signatory section.  



  • Select a signatory, and use the JotBlock assignment window to assign JotBlocks to the signatory. If there is only 1 signatory, assign all to the signatory shown.
  • When you are at the JotBlock assignment step in the workflow setup, a section appears for each signatory to create signer attachments. Once all of your signer attachments have been created, you must assign them to a signing step along with your other JotBlocks.

Signing Process

  • If only 1 signatory will be signing, then you will most likely assign all signing to occur in a single step.
  • If you have multiple signatories, you may choose:
    • to have all JotBlocks signed in a single step, each signatory still will sign in their own online session but could be signing in parallel (at the same time)
    • to have JotBlocks signed in sequential steps, where the end of 1 step triggers the beginning of the next
  • You may also choose to delay a signing step for a period of time


  • Default emails you selected in the email design set you are using will be automatically assigned
  • You may edit the emails assigned and preview them, and may select additional recipients that may be populated now or by parameters


  • When all parts of the workflow have been completed you will review and select "Finish" to submit the document for signing by the signatories.