Custom Signing Process Redirect URL

Last updated 2020-02-13 16:48:05 UTC

If using a custom redirect URL, either by specifying a shared redirect URL specified in the Custom Signing Process Redirect URL setting or by passing it along using the DocumentNOW GetSigningLinks operation a number of custom parameters will be appended in the form:


where the parameters are defined as

  • i – the document ID
  • a – the document AuthToken
  • s – the signatory ID
  • sa – the signatory AuthToken
  • o – the value of the OrderNumber that had been previously passed in as a piece of metadata during document submission
  • status – one of [“SigningStepCompleted”, ”DocumentCompleted”, ”DocumentExpired”, ”IncorrectSigningStep”, ”Submitted”]
  • envelopeStatus – one of [“EnvelopeCompleted”, “EnvelopeExpired”, “EnvelopeCancelled”, “EnvelopeDeclined”, “EnvelopeAuthFailed”, “InProgress”]
  • ei – the envelope ID
  • ea – the envelope AuthToken
  • eo – the envelope Order Number

You may elect to not have these parameters added by setting "Suppress URL Parameters When Redirecting?" to Yes in your account settings.