Defining Signer Attachments in XML

Last updated 2017-12-20 17:20:11 UTC

Signer attachments may be added or modified by adding a SignerAttachments collection of SignerAttachment elements as a child of the FileDocument element (for SubmitWithFile and AsyncSubmitWithFile operations) or FileRetrievalDocument element (for SubmitWithFileRetrieval and AsyncSubmitWithFileRetrieval operations).

So, for example, to override the instructions of a signer attachment named "Photo ID" that is defined in the template, the following XML could be added to a document submission:

    <SignerAttachment Label="Photo ID" Instructions="Please upload a picture of your drivers license" />

To create an entirely new signer attachment the following could be specified:

    <SignerAttachment Label="Proof of Residence" Instructions="Please upload two different utility bills." Required="true" AllowMultiple="true" SignatoryEmail="">

Properties that may be set on dynamically created signer attachments can be found here.

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