Understanding Dynamic JotBlocks

Last updated 2016-08-08 16:54:38 UTC

JotBlocks may be dynamically added when submitting a document through DocumentNOW, by

Both text tags and JotBlock XML elements may override properties of pre-defined JotBlocks in the template, or they may define new signature areas not currently defined in the template.

It is possible to create entirely new JotBlocks – as well as merely modify attributes of template-defined JotBlocks – by embedding information about them within a document being submitted. Variations of properties defined via various methods could be used so that, for example, a tag could define the signature location, XML could define properties, and both could serve to override properties of a pre-defined JotBlock on the template; in this case, all 3 would be used in one submission. Therefore, JotBlock properties may be defined by the following combinations of methods:

  • pre-defined only
  • tag only
  • XML only
  • pre-defined + tag
  • pre-defined + XML
  • tag + XML
  • pre-defined + tag + XML

Properties will be processed in the following order:

  1. Template (pre-defined)
  2. tag
  3. XML

Therefore, if a JotBlock is defined in a template, properties may be specified in a text tag or XML that override the initial properties set in the UI. If a property is defined in two places (via matching Name properties), then the order of processing specified above will be relevant (for example, if the same property is defined in the tag and XML, then the XML property value wins).

In a scenario where all of properties are known when a template is created except for the location in the document that the JotBlock will appear (perhaps because of the possibility for varied content in the document) then the only thing that may be required to do would be to indicate through the possible dynamic means what the x/y coordinates of the JotBlock should be. In XML, this could be done by setting the Page, PositionX and PositionY properties. Using a text tag, this could be done by merely adding the tag with the Name property; the Page, PositionX and PositionY values will be calculated based on the location of the tag within the document.

Properties that may be set on dynamically created JotBlocks are listed alphabetically:
A - H | I - R | S - Z