Getting Started with AssureSign for CRM

Last updated 2021-02-19 20:26:36 UTC

This documentation is for the legacy AssureSign solution using SOAP based communications.   For new installations, the new solution for Dynamics 365 which uses AssureSign V3 APIs and Simple Setup templates should be used:


To get started using the AssureSign Solution for CRM ...

For a quick test that your configurations are working correctly, try importing a test AssureSign Document Template to try sending a document from a Contact record:

To use the solution, you will need to create AssureSign Document Templates, and if you would like your documents to be contained in AssureSign Envelopes, you will need to create AssureSign Envelope Templates:

You may configure your Document Templates to auto populate data from CRM in Parameters

Documents or Envelopes may be sent manually

You may automate submissions through Process Steps

You can also