Last updated 2019-02-14 16:17:53 UTC

Roles are a convenient mechanism that allows you to specify the typical rights for a group of users and to later manage rights in a single location. Users that are assigned to a role may still be set to use distinct individual settings, or they may be configured to inherit all user settings from the role.

Create a Role

Create a new role by clicking on the New icon, and entering the basic elements required for access to the system:

  • Enter a name for the role
  • As a starting point, you may click "Allow All" or "Deny All" under Permissions.
  • If the rights or access levels should differ for the role in certain areas, click on the radio button for each option for "Allow", or "Deny" for the following sections:
    • Document Templates
    • Documents
    • Reporting
    • Site Administration
  • Click save to apply the settings

Edit a Role

Click edit and enter the value of the field you wish to modify for the role name. If you want to change the access for the role within a specific area, locate the section using the scroll bar and click on the radio button to select the access level (allow, deny, or inherit (allow)).