The Administration Tab

Last updated 2017-01-23 18:50:23 UTC

The Administration tab contains the configuration tools that allow you to specify how your AssureSign account operates. Certain settings may require no modification by you, however it might be necessary to modify default settings in order to accomplish some specific behavior or allow the application to behave in a certain way.


The Users section is used to add users and manage their access.


Roles allow you to group users with the same access level together in lieu of setting up individual rights or access levels for each user.


The Settings section is used to configure the behavior of the AssureSign application for your account and users, and to customize the appearance of the site for your signers.


Configure the emails that will be sent to your signatories and users at the various points in a document's life.


Depending on your own account's configuration, you may create a child accounts to help segregate settings and users.

Envelope Templates

Manage Envelope Templates here.

Licensed Signing Devices

If your account is configured to use external signature devices this device management interface will be present.

Data Export

Perform bulk export of documents