Editing a Workflow Template

Last updated 2017-04-27 15:22:53 UTC

Web Notifications

Web notifications are configured in an interface that parallels the “Emails” section of workflow. As with emails, you may select the event (or stage) on which to send a web notification and the timing in that stage (for example, “Before Step” or “After Step”). You will then choose from the list of Data Only Web Notifications that you have previously created.

It is important to note that any specific parameter merge fields that you have designed into your web notification should match parameter names in your template. If the parameters you entered as merge fields in the notification do not exist, then the data replaced in the notification at runtime will be a zero-length string. You will be warned when the workflow is validated for errors if a string appears to be a merge field entry (a bracket enclosed value) but does not match any configured parameter, JotBlock or globally available merge field on the template. In this case, the workflow will still be saved.

Document Transmission

Both embedded documents via XML and file transfer are selected in the Document Transmission section in the Workflow Template. These are isolated from Data Only Web Notifications since they may only be attached to the Document Completed event. You merely click on "New" within the Document Transmission list and choose a design; the transmission type will automatically be determined by the type of transmission in your design.

Note: You may choose a variety of configurations of notifications on workflow events. Multiple locations may be configured to receive document transmissions. Embedding the document in an XML stream allows you to send both data and a document. Or, a Data Only Web Notification may be configured with a separate file transfer Document Transmission.