DocumentTRAK Notifications

Last updated 2017-06-27 19:00:14 UTC

AssureSign DocumentTRAK web notifications allow you to send communications to your own web-accessible applications which are triggered by certain events defined in a document template workflow configuration. Access to an enterprise-enabled installation of AssureSign will be required to begin using DocumentTRAK web notifications. The “DocumentTRAK” setting (available from the “Settings” section on the “Administration” tab) should be set to “Yes”.

DocumentTRAK notifications may be:

Completed document transmission notifications may also be web based or may be FTP, SFTP or FTPS communications. Web based document transmissions may include other additional data.

An AssureSign Template’s workflow defines specific points in the lifecycle of a document and/or envelope. These events are the triggers for DocumentTRAK notifications. Events include:

  • Envelope Started
  • Document Started
  • Before Step Started
  • After Step Completed
  • Landing Page Visited
  • Document Completed
  • Envelope Completed

Notifications may also be configured for the following events that may also occur during the document/envelope life-cycle:

  • Envelope Pre-Expiration Warning (N days prior to envelope expiration)
  • Document Pre-Expiration Warning (N days prior to document expiration)
  • Envelope Feedback Submitted
  • Document Feedback Submitted
  • Envelope Signer Authentication Failed
  • Document Signer Authentication Failed

Notifications can also be configured for cases where a document/envelope is not completed:

  • Envelope Expired
  • Document Expired
  • Envelope Cancelled
  • Document Cancelled
  • Envelope Declined
  • Document Declined

Completed document transmission notifications may only be triggered by the Document/Envelope Completed event.