Defining JotBlocks in a Template

Last updated 2016-08-08 16:53:41 UTC

JotBlocks are always definable when creating or editing a template within the AssureSign site.

In the user interface, the location and size of a JotBlock are initially defined visually by dragging open a box on top of an image rendering of a sample document. The attributes that may be defined within the template design page include:

  • the unique name of the JotBlock
  • instructions to be shown to the signatory
  • the type of JotBlock: written or typed
  • whether the JotBlock is certified (encapsulated within a box containing meta data about the signing event)
  • whether the JotBlock is required
  • the x/y position
  • the size of the area in pixels
  • whether to apply a border
  • for mouse signatures, the ink color
  • for typed signatures
    • the font style
    • the font size
    • text decoration (bold, italic, underline)
    • text alignment (left, center, right and top, bottom, middle)
    • word wrap
  • for fixed text
    • the application time (before signing or after signing)
    • the text to apply, which may contain merge fields
  • the signing order relative to other JotBlocks

The name of the JotBlock is referenced when designing the workflow in order to assign the JotBlock to a specific signatory and signing step.