Defining JotBlocks in XML

Last updated 2016-08-10 17:24:42 UTC

JotBlocks may be added or modified by adding a JotBlocks collection of JotBlock elements as a child of the FileDocument element (for SubmitWithFile and AsyncSubmitWithFile operations) or FileRetrievalDocument element (for SubmitWithFileRetrieval and AsyncSubmitWithFileRetrieval operations).

So, for example, to override the location of a JotBlock named CustomerSignature that is defined in the template, the following XML could be added to a document submission:

    <JotBlock Name="CustomerSignature" Page="2" PositionX="0.5" PositionY="0.7"/>

To create an entirely new JotBlock in which the customer should write their initials using a mouse signature, the following could be specified:

    <JotBlock Name="CustomerInitials" Page="1" PositionX="0.6" PositionY="0.8" Instructions="Please use the mouse to write your initials indicating you agree with this section." InputType="Signatory" SignatoryEmail="" Height="0.05" Width="0.15" Border="All">
        <WrittenProperties InkColor="Blue"/>

A new written JotBlock named CustomerInitials will be created with a full border in blue ink. It will be filled in by the signatory with email address It will occur in the document flow where the tag has been placed, and will be 0.0454545% the height of the page and 0.1176471% the width of the page (on a page 850 px by 1100 px, that calculates to a width of 100 pixels and a height of 50 pixels). When presented, the customer will be prompted: “Please use the mouse to write your initials indicating you agree with this section.”

In addition, the XML must be modified in the case that the document should be parsed for the presence of text tags. When using the SubmitWithFile and AsyncSubmitWithFile methods, the FileDocument element of the XML – which contains the ContextIdentifier attribute – must be modified to contain a ParseDocument attribute with value “true”; else, if this value is false or missing the document will not be checked for the existing of text tags. When using the SubmitWithFileRetrieval and AsyncSubmitWithFileRetrieval methods, the ParseDocument attribute must be added to the FileRetrievalDocument element.

Properties that may be set on dynamically created JotBlocks are listed alphabetically:
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