Changing Application Configuration Options

Last updated 2016-08-05 19:43:07 UTC

Changing the default AssureSign URL, Context Identifier, and Template Cache Refresh Period and enabling document-level passwords can be achieved by calling SendToAssureSign.exe with appropriate options:

SendToAssureSign.exe --configureContextId "000-...-000" --configureAssureSignUrl  "https://www..." --configureCacheRefresh 720 --enableDocumentPassword true --configureAllowBulkSend true --configurePreservePdfs true

The above command should just re-write the configuration file.

Additionally, SendToAssureSign.exe has a --addAndDeleteFile option which adds the appropriate PDF to the current document in the application and then deletes the file. This is used by the printer for adding print support. When you print to the printer, it saves the PDF to a temporary location. It then calls SendToAssureSign.exe with the addAndDeleteFileoption which adds the PDF and deletes it.

SendToAssureSign.exe --addAndDeleteFile "C:\..."

Template Cache and Log Location

The application downloads and caches templates (and their PDFs) from AssureSign. It stores these in the user’s roaming profile (*%appdata%\AssureSign\SendToAssureSign*). Log files are also stored at that location.