Bulk Send

Last updated 2016-08-05 19:39:28 UTC

When you have selected Show bulk send feature in the advanced tab of the configuration options window, a new option labelled Bulk Send will appear after the application is relaunched.

When you click Bulk Send, a modal dialog window will open displaying the available Document Templates. A preview is shown of the selected template, along with the number of Signatories and Pages defined in the template.

Note: The application's bulk send feature is intended for use with single templates stored within AssureSign, and may not be used in conjunction with dynamic printing of one-off documents from the desktop.

Select a template, and click Next.
The expected layout of the CSV file to be used for providing data for bulk sending the documents is shown.

Click Export Layout in order to save out a CSV template with the header information. Remember that if you are going to programatically create the CSV source data file that it must contain these headers. You may view the file, and manually edit it and add data if you would like to use it to test your template.

When the data is submitted, you may choose to output each record's submission result to an output file. This is recommended. Select Generate CSV output file of submission responses to turn this on, and browse to a location to which the file should be saved.

Select the file that contains the data to be submitted.

Note: The filename for the file you select should not contain spaces or any other special characters.

When all required configurations have been set, you will be able to click Next to continue. A preview of the source file data will be shown.

If you would like to validate the file against expected values, select Validate Without Process. You will prompted to specify an output file for this operation. Validating will not actually submit the values to AssureSign. It is important to note that certain failure conditions cannot be determined in advance, such as failures that might occur in your local network.

After you have determined that the data is valid, select Process to continue, and confirm by selecting OK. If you previously selected Generate CSV output file of submission responses, then the success and failure of each record will be appended to the source file in the location you specified for output.

A count of failed and completed records will be shown. Review the output file of submission responses to determine which records may have failed. Failure of certain records will not result in successful records being terminated: each transaction results in individual document submission. Therefore, records that are shown as successfully submitted should removed from the file if failed records are edited and are to be reattempted.