Sending Documents

Last updated 2017-04-27 15:12:02 UTC


After all documents have been added and all JotBlocks have been applied, you may begin the submission process. This includes specifying a name for the document, choosing a workflow (emails, signing order, etc), and specifying signatory information and other parameters.

The Send Dialog

To start the submission process, click the "Send" button in the main menu bar. This opens the Send Document dialog which prompts for various pieces of information required to submit the final document.

  • Document Name - The document name is an identifier for the document which can be used in emails and reporting.
  • Order Number - This is an additional identifier that can optionally be provided to better identify this document.
  • Workflow - This list contains available workflow-only templates which may be used to specify emails, signing order and other workflow-related items. The list is filtered by the number of signatories signing the document.
    • A workflow can be auto selected by adding a "PreferredWorkflow" tag in a document template. Click here for more information about AssureSign tags.
  • Parameters - The various parameters defined by the workflow-only template and all other templates applied to the document are displayed. You may specify the parameter values by typing the data into the text box next to each parameter. Common parameters include information defining signatories, but other parameters may also exist which apply data to the document or specify default values for JotBlocks.


Parameters may have validation rules applied to them which must be satisfied before sending the document. When a parameter fails a validation rule, an error icon is displayed next to it. Hovering the mouse over the icon will display specific information about the validation error. 


Since the parameters can come from multiple templates, it's possible for two or more parameters to have the same name. In these cases, the two parameters are consolidated into one displayed row. Entering a value for the row will specify the value for both parameters. An "expand" icon is displayed next to each row which contains more than one parameter. Clicking the expand icon will separate each parameter into its own row so that separate values may be entered for each one.

When all information has been correctly entered, click the "Send" button. After a brief delay, the application will let you know that the document has been successfully sent. The workspace will then be cleared and ready for more documents to be added.