Multiple Signers

Last updated 2016-08-05 20:03:14 UTC


Send to AssureSign supports multiple signatories for a single document. This is controlled primarily through the "# of Signatories" dropdown in the top-right corner of the application. This must be set to the desired number of signatories prior to assigning JotBlocks or attempting to send the document.


When a template is applied, if that template has more signatories than is currently defined, the number of signatories is automatically bumped up. This makes the process seamless when primarily using templates.

When creating and using templates with more than one signatory, special care must be given so that signatory assignments across templates match up. For example, let's suppose you have "Template A" with "Signatory 1" and "Signatory 2". When creating "Template B" with "Signatory 1" and "Signatory 2", make sure that "Signatory 1" in both templates represent the same person and likewise for "Signatory 2".