AssureSign Tags

Last updated 2017-12-17 14:26:37 UTC

Send to AssureSign supports several customizations based on tagging templates and parameters. These tags are defined in the Administration site. Multiple tags may be defined by separating each tag with a comma (eg, "Tag 1, Tag 2"). Changing a tag may require templates to be refreshed before the changes take effect.

Template Tags


This tag marks a template for internal use only. If this template is matched in the Send to AssureSign application, the user will be warned and the template will be removed from the workspace.


This tag allows a template to automatically choose which workflow template to use. For example, if a workspace includes a template with this tag, when the user clicks "Send" the workflow specified by the tag will automatically be selected.


This tag indicates that the template content should be added underneath the content of the pages that the template is being applied to. This is useful if an application prints only the data on a form but not the form itself.

Parameter Tags


This tag indicates that a validation rule should be applied to any JotBlock that uses this parameter as a prefill. The validation rule will force the signer to enter the same value as specified by the parameter. For example, if a parameter named "First Name" is created and the user enters the name "Bob" when sending the document, any JotBlock that uses this parameter will be prefilled with "Bob". If the parameter specifies this tag, the JotBlock will additionally force the signer to use "Bob" through a validation rule.


This tag is meant to be used in conjunction with the "JotBlocks-ValidateSameAsValue" tag. It specifies that any JotBlock that uses the parameter will not be prefilled with the parameter's value.

Adding Template Tags

To add a tag, login to AssureSign website:

  • Click "Classic Templates" tab
  • On the left menu, click "Existing"
  • Edit existing template

  • Click "Show Advanced Options"

  • On "Template Tag (optional)" text box, enter "PreferredWorkflow=[TemplateId]".
    Where [TemplateId] is the template id of the preferred workflow template and can be found on the right side of the "Template Tag".
    Example: PreferredWorkflow=aadc5c39-8888-e111-8ece-0022195a8cb4