Applying Templates

Last updated 2016-08-05 19:45:39 UTC


Once documents have been added to the workspace, JotBlocks must be defined to designate where signatures and other data are captured. Templates may be used to ease the addition of JotBlocks. Send to AssureSign includes the ability to apply JotBlocks from templates directly on top of pages in your workspace. Additionally, the application supports the ability to automatically match templates to pages based on textual content so that the appropriate templates can be quickly identified and selected.

Apply Template to Page(s) Dialog

To begin the process, select the first page for which a template should be applied, and click the "Apply Template to Page(s)" button. A dialog window will appear.

The top half of the dialog contains a list of templates that you have access to. This list is automatically sorted based on the Match column. This column shows a percentage match between the template and the page(s) in the workspace. Although any template in the list can be selected, it is typically the case that the correct template is pre-selected for you.

The bottom half of the dialog contains a preview of your workspace pages with the JotBlocks from the template applied. This can be used to quickly check that the JotBlocks defined in the template fit with the workspace pages.

Finally, a number of options are presented:

  • Apply & Continue - This is the default option. Clicking this button will apply the JotBlocks from the selected template to the workspace page(s) and immediately advance to the next available workspace page. This is useful for quickly applying multiple templates to many documents that have been aggregated in the workspace.
  • Apply & Close - Clicking this button will apply the JotBlocks from the selected template to the workspace page(s) and close the dialog.
  • Skip Page - Clicking this button will not apply any JotBlocks. Instead, the selected workspace page will be advanced by one.
  • Remember this match - This option is only visible when a non-matching template is selected. If the user checks this box and applies the template, the match between the current page(s) in the document and that template will be saved in the user's template cache. Future attempts to match should then succeed.