Adding Documents

Last updated 2016-08-05 19:41:11 UTC

Workflow Templates

Except for bulk sending, Send to AssureSign requires the use of workflow only templates. While the application may use full document templates in order to quickly match a local document with a pre-designed template (and therefore use the JotBlocks present in the full template), signers are assigned to a workflow only template's parameters. This is because Send to AssureSign allows you to merge multiple documents and match each to different full templates, so a workflow only template is used for the workflow side of the signing process.

For a review on creating a workflow template, see here.

Adding Files

The first step to Send to AssureSign is adding documents to the application workspace. The application supports various methods for adding documents and additionally supports aggregation of multiple documents into one. For example, if you have two separate documents that must be signed, you may add them both to the workspace and send them as one document.

Add From File

Files may be added to the workspace by clicking the "Add" button and choosing "From File". This will prompt you to locate a PDF file on your computer. Only PDF files are supported through this method. If you would like to add another type of file, for example a Word document, you must use the "Print" method.

Add From Template

Templates which are defined in the AssureSign system and accessible by the configured user are available for use. This allows templates to be centrally managed. When adding from a template, any JotBlocks defined for the template are also added as well. To add a template to the workspace, click the "Add" button and choose "From Template".


Send to AssureSign installs a print driver that may be used to print from any application directly into the workspace. The printer is typically called "Send to AssureSign".