Configuring CRM Security

Last updated 2017-05-10 13:46:46 UTC

CRM users will need minimally the following rights:

  • AssureSign Communication Proxy: create/read/write/delete
  • AssureSign Configuration: read
  • AssureSign Document: create/read/write/append/append to
  • AssureSign Envelope: create/read/write/append/append to

CRM users making use of the workflow capabilities added in version 2.0 of the solution will also require:

  • AssureSign Template Map: read is required for anyone running a workflow or a dialog firing "Execute AssureSign Template"

All of the above rights are included in the role "AssureSign Document Sender" that is included with the solution. This role could be applied to specific users or a team to quickly grant the rights needed to work with AssureSign documents.

Editors of AssureSign Configuration and AssureSign Template Map records will also need create/write/delete rights on these entities. These rights are not included in the role "AssureSign Document Sender."

For information on assigning an AssureSign Configuration record to your users, see this article.

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