Workflow - Creating a CRM Process with an AssureSign Envelope

Last updated 2018-09-13 15:24:04 UTC

Important: This documentation assumes an understanding of CRM workflow processes. Please consult CRM documentation for more general instruction on how processes may be created.

Beginning with version of the AssureSign Solution for CRM, it is possible to automate submissions of AssureSign Envelopes to the AssureSign service in CRM.

In order to automate submissions, certain pieces of information must be present:

  • the AssureSign instance and credentials must be known
  • the Envelope TemplateID of the template to use for the submission must be fixed

An AssureSign Envelope is only a container of AssureSign Documents, so a process step that creates an envelope would be followed by process steps that submit one or more AssureSign Documents. Finally, none of the AssureSign Documents will be available to be signed until the envelope is closed. A simplistic flow would look something like the following:

Create a Process

  • You may create a process that will use the Create AssureSign Envelope step through the normal mechanism in the Settings->Processes interface
  • Any normal process step may be added
  • To create an AssureSign Envelope,

Now, configure the step.

  • You may choose to:
    • Load the user's AssureSign Configuration (they must have access to the template with the configuration's template ID)
    • Load a specific AssureSign Configuration
  • Populate a lookup field on the AssureSign Document:
    • For example, if you are running the workflow on account, and you want the account lookup field to be populated on the AssureSign Document entity record that will be created, you must specify the field name of the lookup record. The account lookup field (along with some others) is built in with the solution, and you would enter asign_accountid here. By default, the entity on which the workflow is running will be assumed to be the entity to be populated in this value.  Built in lookup fields on the document record are:
      • asign_accountid (for an Account)
      • asign_contactid (for a Contact)
      • asign_contractid (for a Contract)
      • asign_leadid (for a Lead)
      • asign_opportunityid (for an Opportunity)
      • asign_orderid (for an Order)
      • if running in the context of a different entity that exists as a lookup field on the AssureSign Document entity, you will enter the custom lookup field name that you added 
    • It is also possible to populate this lookup field with a related entity field's value that is present on the entity on which the workflow is running. For example, to launch a workflow on account, but attach the AssureSign document to the account's primary contact, set:
      • Populate THIS Lookup on the AssuresignDocument: asign_contactid
      • Get the Lookup from THIS Entity Field: primarycontactid
  • Enter an Envelope Template ID: this is displayed after you have saved the Envelope Template in the AssureSign administrative portal
  • Enter an Envelope Name: this may include dynamic values set via the form assistant
  • Set the behaviors for the Envelope, including
    • the View Behavior for signers
    • the Decline Behavior
    • the Workflow Type
  • Optionally, you may enter a Redirect URL that signers will be redirected to after signing
  • Enter a Completed Envelope Password if you would like: this may include dynamic values set via the form assistant

Add Documents to the Envelope

Follow the instructions for submitting AssureSign Documents using a Template Map to add document submission steps to the process.

The AssureSign Envelope you created in the Create AssureSign Envelope step will be used to populate the AssureSign Envelope lookup property on each document.

You may test for the presence of the envelopes values to ensure the envelope has been successfully created before initiating the Execute AssureSign Template step.



Close the Envelope

When all documents have been submitted that are a part of the envelope, the envelope must be closed.

  • Select to Add a Step
  • Choose AssureSign->Close AssureSign Envelope

You must configure the AssureSign Envelope lookup with the returned entity value from the original Create AssureSign Envelope step.

Follow the normal steps for process activation. When a workflow is run that uses an Execute AssureSign Template step and fails, check the logs for messages that may have been returned from the AssureSign system.