Working with Envelopes

Last updated 2016-08-04 15:16:12 UTC

Starting with version of our solution for CRM, the AssureSign solution will allow you to associate and send envelopes out of

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Contracts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Orders

You may also simply use the AssureSign Envelope entity directly, and select relationships to the above entities as desired. The solution allows you to configure relationships with other entities and customize the AssureSign Envelope form.

Submitting an Envelope

  • To start, select "New" from the AssureSign Envelopes list.
  • Populate an Envelope Name
  • Set which documents in the Envelope signers can see through the View Behavior setting
  • Set which documents are declined when any one document in an envelope is declined through the Decline Behavior setting
  • Set the order documents may be signed in the Envelope through the Workflow Type setting
  • Set a Redirect URL if signatories should be redirected to a specific web address after signing
  • Add a completed envelope password for access to the document after signing is completed from within the AssureSign system
  • Select an AssureSign Envelope Template

If the AssureSign Configuration settings are configured correctly, the AssureSign Envelope templates the user has access to will be listed in the AssureSign Envelope Template drop down list.

  • After populating these items, you may save the record
  • You will now be able to add documents manually to the envelope
  • After all documents have been added, click "Close the Envelope" to make the documents available to sign

Post-Close Operations

  • Once the envelope has been successfully closed, you may
    • Cancel the document
    • Refresh the Status and History (this will also refresh child documents and pull down the documents if configured to do so in account configurations