Working with Documents

Last updated 2016-12-07 13:23:31 UTC

Out of the box, the AssureSign solution will allow you to associate and send documents out of

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Contracts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Orders

You may also simply use the AssureSign Documents entity directly, and select relationships to the above entities as desired. The solution allows you to configure relationships with other entities and customize the AssureSign Document form.

Starting with version of our solution, you may also create documents that belong to an AssureSign Envelope.

Submitting a Document

  • To start, select "New" from the AssureSign Documents list.
  • Populate a Document Name
  • Add a record number, if desired
  • Add a completed document password for access to the document after signing is completed from within the AssureSign system
  • Select an AssureSign template

If the AssureSign Configuration settings are configured correctly, the AssureSign templates the user has access to will be listed in the AssureSign Template drop down list.  Templates are listed according to the user's rights, so if no templates are available the user will be told to check their AssureSign account to makes sure templates have been created and that they have been set to be shared with appropriate roles or all account members.

  • if the AssureSign Configuration setting Allow Submit of Notes Document Attachment is enabled, you will also be able to select notes with documents on associated entities, and you will be able to upload documents from your desktop.
  • if you have configured your settings to use the Microsoft OneDrive file picker control (see OneDrive Tool Client ID configuration), you will be able to select a document from OneDrive to submit to AssureSign
  • if the AssureSign Configuration setting Store Completed Document in SharePoint is enabled, you will be able to select SharePoint storage information that will be submitted with the document to AssureSign. This information may be used in a DocumentTRAK communication to push the document into your online SharePoint system.

  • After populating these items, you may click Next to continue.

You will now be presented with the Template Parameter items available to be populated on the selected Template.

Note that it is possible to prefill Template Parameter values by mapping to an entity field by specifying it in the AssureSign portal in the parameter Tag value. Refer to CRM Data Mapping Instructions for more information. To configure the AssureSign solution to be present on other entities than those preconfigured in the solution, including custom entities, see Configuring Relationships with Other Entities.

  • When all required Template Parameter values are populated you may click Next
  • You may then click Save to submit the information to AssureSign


Post-Submit Operations

  • Once the document has been successfully submitted, you may
    • Cancel the document
    • Refresh the Status and History (this will also pull down the document if configured to do so in account configurations). This option is not necessary if you configure a DocumentTRAK notification to push updates.
    • allow a signer who is present to sign from a link generated on the page if the AssureSign Configuration setting Allow Immediate Presentment has been enabled