Updating CRM Records from Data Entered by Signers

Last updated 2017-01-03 14:21:37 UTC

The AssureSign for CRM solution allows you to link an AssureSign Document to multiple entities, such as Account or Contact. As long such a relationship exists on a document record it is possible to update fields on such a related entity with data entered by a signatory in a text Jotblock. Data from text JotBlocks that may be mapped back also includes the values of multiple choice, radio button, or checkbox input types.

To allow data to be mapped back, first enable Allow Update to Entity Data by Customer Input when configuring your settings. When this is selected, you will then have the option to select Allow Signer Input to Update Linked Entity Records when launching a new document.

On the AssureSign template, any JotBlock that should be allowed to be used to update CRM data must be named with the related entity name and field. For example, to enable the scenario so that an associated contact’s email address will be updated based on something entered in AssureSign during signing, the JotBlock's name needs to be 


This is different than the way you map data to parameters.  For premapping data to fill template parameters, you set the tag of the parameter to the correct syntax.  To map data back to CRM, you set the name of the JotBlock.

As of version of our solution, updates to linked entities are possible.

Important: The solution will not attempt to format data to fit the type expected in the field. The best practice is that you ensure you enter proper regular expression validation on any text data you would like mapped back to CRM.

Mapping Data Types Explicitly

The best practice for ensuring data will be mapped properly according to the field type in CRM is to append a type modifier to the end of the JotBlock name, for example:


This will result in the plugin attempting to properly convert the inbound value to the correct type, in this case an Option Set Value.

Supported explicit types that may be added following a colon (:) are:

  • integer : use for "Whole Number" type fields
  • decimal : use for "Decimal Number" type fields
  • double : use for "Floating Point Number" type fields
  • optionsetvalue : use for "Option Set" type fields
  • boolean : use for "Two Options" type fields
  • currency : use for "Currency" type fields
  • datetime : use for "Date and Time" type fields
  • string : for "Single Line of Text" or "Multiple Lines of Text" type fields

Lookup and Image type fields may not be mapped back from AssureSign JotBlock data.

Updating Linked Entity Fields

Linked entities may be updated using the same syntax possible for querying linked entity data to map into parameters.

For example, if a document is configured to be launched on an Account, then to update the description field on the Primary Contact of the account, the following syntax will all work:


In this case, using the most explicit extended format is not necessary, but certain cases may require this format depending on how entities are related.  Read more about using this syntax and the reasons for using it here